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My Book About ME With You

The perfect gift to promote early bonding between "Bigs" and "Littles"! 

"A darling book overall. It has become a keepsake for the whole family."

-Amazon reviewer

Advice from experts on sibling adjustment:

"Let him tell the story. Have your child help make a simple picture book about him and his new sibling. Let him choose the pictures he'd like to have in the book and ask him what words he'd like on each page. He might even want to tell the story of her birth and their new relationship from her point of view."

"To help build your children's bond with each other, do your best to engage your older child with the baby...You might ask what's hard and what's fun about the baby."

"This is such a delightful interactive book! A family friend gave this to our eight-year old daughter when our youngest child was born... She really enjoyed the book's activities and took pride in filling it out. The prompts are well-rounded and thoughtful yet presented in a way that makes it easy for kids to respond to...I recommend this for an older sibling either before or after Baby is born." -J. Hubbart

 Look Inside and Amazon reviews

"When my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child, a friend recommended this book... Originally, we thought our daughter (10 years old) might be a little old for it but we took a chance in purchasing it and she loves it! The book has lots of fun pictures and is very interactive. She loved exploring the book and answering the questions, and I found myself eager to read her answers and thrilled to see her excitement grow for the new addition to our family..." Amazon Reviewer

as siblings meet the new baby

Love and Joy

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