This is the life publications

Small Book. Big Impact
A mini life-coaching session in a book.
Work smarter, not harder, to create
a life you love.

"As a Licensed MFT I really appreciate that the book helps you figure out your own life choices and the author doesn't assume she knows what the best choice for you would be." -JPMFT


"This book is so easy to read and packed with insightful info that I finished it in one sitting. I even went back to do the activities. I found myself reflecting on her questions and activities throughout the day. Reading this book was definitely a step in the right direction." -Lisa

All 5 Star Reviews

"I have read different 'self-help' books before, but I always seem to stop short because they are so long or require too much effort. Within the first few minutes, she got me thinking & prioritizing the things in my life. Definitely a good mix of giving information & actually applying it to me, right away." -Amazon Customer

"Recently finished reading this! So much wisdom packed into a tiny little book." -R. Hahn


"I was anxious about the book thinking it was going to be a big read like other books that focus on simplifying. I received it and it was a concise, well written book that walked me through the steps I needed to look at taking care of my physical goods as well as emotional "goods" -Laura T.

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